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Unveiling the Angel Shot Drink: A Guide

Unveiling the Angel Shot Drink: A Guide

Among bartenders, the angel shot drink has emerged as a discreet yet effective way to assist patrons who are in uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situations. The concept of angel shots goes beyond the typical bar experience and can offer a lifeline to those who may find themselves in tight situations. In this article, we will cover angel shot drinks, exploring what they are, who typically orders them and what cues to look for, how your establishment can implement an effective angel shot system, and common FAQs surrounding angel shots.

What is an Angel Shot Drink?

An angel shot drink is not your typical drink but rather a covert signal for help. It is a discreet way for patrons to convey their discomfort or distress to bar staff without drawing unwanted attention.

The actual composition of the angel shot, or the meaning of an angel shot code, can vary between establishments. Some bars may have a predefined recipe, while others may simply use the term as a signal to staff that an intervention is required. Commonly, an angel shot is made with clear liquors, making it indistinguishable from other drinks.

Who Usually Orders Angel Shots?

Angel shots are not limited to a specific demographic but are intended for anyone who feels threatened, uneasy, or is currently in an unsafe situation. While women may be more likely to ask for angel shots, it can be for anyone who needs help. It is essential to foster an inclusive environment where all patrons feel comfortable using this safety measure.

The reasons for ordering an angel shot drink can vary widely, from unwanted advances to more serious threats. It is crucial for bar staff to approach these situations with sensitivity and discretion, ensuring the safety and well-being of the patron involved.

What are the Important Cues to Look For?

Recognizing the cues that may indicate a patron's need for an angel shot is a vital aspect of implementing an effective and proactive safety system. Some common signs include:

Discomfort or Fearful Body Language

Watch for patrons who appear uncomfortable, anxious, or fearful. This can manifest through fidgeting, avoiding eye contact, or exhibiting signs of distress.

Unwanted Attention

Keep an eye out for individuals who seem to be receiving unwanted attention from others. This could include persistent advances, unwelcome touching, or aggressive behavior.

Attempts to Signal Discreetly

Some patrons may attempt to signal their need for assistance without drawing attention. This could involve discreet gestures, such as moving a straw or napkin in a specific way, or even directly mentioning the term "Angel Shot" or any angel shot code.

How to Implement an Effective Angel Shot System for your Establishment?

Ensuring the effectiveness of an angel shot system requires proactive measures and clear communication among staff. Here are 5 key steps to implement an effective system in your establishment:

  1. Staff Training: Educate your staff on the concept of angel shots and provide training on how to identify subtle cues from patrons. Empower bartenders and all staff to respond promptly and discreetly to requests for assistance.
  2. Create a Clear Protocol: Establish a clear protocol for handling angel shot requests. Define the actions that staff should take, such as discreetly escorting the patron to a safe area or contacting authorities if the situation warrants.
  3. Promote Awareness: Display discreet signage in your establishment explaining the Angel Shot concept—the bathroom can be a good place. This helps create awareness among patrons that your venue is a safe space where help is readily available.
  4. Encourage Open Communication: Foster an environment where patrons feel comfortable discussing their concerns openly. Train staff about inclusivity and to approach conversations about the angel shot with sensitivity and empathy.
  5. Collaborate with Local Authorities: Establish a partnership with local law enforcement and support organizations to ensure a swift and effective response when needed. This collaboration reinforces the commitment to patron safety.

Angel Shot Drink FAQs

Is the angel shot drink the same at every bar?

The composition of the Angel Shot can vary from bar to bar. Some establishments may have a predefined recipe, while others use the term as an actual code or discreet signal for assistance.

Can anyone order an angel shot?

Yes, an angel shot is available to anyone who feels uncomfortable or threatened in a social setting regardless of gender, demographic, or intoxication level. Angel shots can also be ordered on behalf of someone else in the establishment.

How do I discreetly order an angel shot?

Methods of discreetly ordering an angel shot may vary. Some patrons may use specific gestures, while others may directly mention the term to bar staff. Staff is trained to recognize and respond to these cues discreetly.

What should bartenders and staff do when someone orders an angel shot?

Bar staff should follow a predefined protocol, which may include discreetly escorting the patron to a safe area, contacting authorities if necessary, or intervening in a manner that ensures the patron's safety.


The angel shot drink is more than just a beverage; it's a symbol of safety and support in social settings. By understanding what an angel shot is, who might order it, angel shot codes, and how to identify cues, establishments can create establishments where patrons feel secure. Implementing an effective angel shot system involves staff training, clear protocols, and collaboration with local authorities. By embracing this concept, bars can contribute to the creation of safer and enjoyable establishments for everyone.